Sunday, August 14, 2011

Poetry of Motion

Just wanted to share a little poem I wrote a few years ago. It seems funny to me now. I was really wrapped up in...well fear of calling myself a runner. Now, I do it with pride!

A Runner?

I'm a runner, self-proclaimed.
Is there any other kind?
There are no grades, no exams...
No papers to be signed.

Does distance, time or speed make you a runner?
What if your speed makes it a jog?
Does more gear make you a runner?
GPS, Forerunner, or Ipod?

Must you run every day, week, month, and season?
If I don’t measure up, am I a fraud?
Is there a level that I must achieve?
To appease some running god?

I RUN for me.
I RUN my pace.
I RUN to make MY goals.
I RUN for MY race.

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