Friday, November 6, 2009

Kat is back...back again...

I'm back...after one gigantically long hiatus!

This summer was a huge mess. Everything that could go wrong did go wrong, and then some. But, now that fall is fast approaching and things are calming down I'm trying to get back into my running groove. That's easier said than done since I've gained back sooooo much weight.

Running? What's that? mean that thing I used to do WAY back when.... Yeah it really has been that long....July in fact, since last I did anything on the treadmill. I got back on the wagon the last week of October and it's been slow going. Pretty much, I am going to have to start from scratch...AGAIN. C25K program all over? Well actually, Nike+ Coach has a walk to run program that I think I'm gonna follow for awhile.

I figure I'll give that a try and see what I think of it. If it sucks I know I'll always have my trusty C25K to fall back on.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Moody Blues...

Egads, I'm in a funk. I'm bored, I'm depressed, I'm moody...I just can't be happy or bubbly like I normally am. I'm really not sure what it is but I know all these 50year-olds dropping dead all of a sudden isn't helping. It makes me all sad and sentimental.
I'm trying to get back into my running groove but I just can't seem to keep my motivation up. How does one Stay Motivated??? Anyone????

On a better note, my Nike+ sensor came in the mail on July 10th just as scheduled. I haven't got the chance to calibrate it and run with it yet, I plan to do that this morning when I get outta work. Hopefully today will be a better running day for me.

"Even if you fall flat on your face·at least you are moving forward."
~~Sue Luke

Thursday, July 9, 2009


I'm excited...I doesn't take
I just got the confirmation email from Nikestore that my package (ie. Nike+ sensor) has been shipped!! According to FEDEX:

Ship date: Jul 8, 2009
Estimated delivery: Jul 10, 2009

Cool Beans!! SO that means I'll only be mailbox stalking for a few days....awesome!!

In other relevant running news...I did 3 miles today (Wednesday). I bargained with myself again and promised myself they didn't have to be great miles...I just needed to get through it. I did alright. I still feel like a giant whale clomping along on my treadmill. I swear the whole house shakes when I'm running on that thing!! Earbuds are still annoying me. If I get them JUST RIGHT I can make it through my run without them crapping out on me. But they are getting worse all the time. Looks like I'm gonna have to get a new pair. I hate earbud shopping....I have freakishly tiny ears and a tiny head... so normal head phones just don't fit me right. Even the ones I have right now don't make me very happy. They don't wanna stay in my ears, just a little big. Then my ears get all sweaty on the inside and that makes the earbuds wanna fall out even more. Am I picky or what??

I'd like to get a pair of these.
But I think they'd be to big for me too. An ear piece like the traditional Ipod earbuds really hurt my ears and don't stay in at all when I run.

Ah-well...I'll keep looking.

Wednesday's run stats look like this:

Start time: 7:30 AM
End time: 8:10 AM
Time: 00:40:55
Distance: 3.00 miles

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Bored and Bloggin'

I'm BORED....B...O...R...E...D....bored at work.

I've been in a blah-ish sort of mood for several days now. I ran today. That went like I figured....blah-ish. I felt slower and fatter than usual. My ear buds are dieing on me too. (top) They must have a short in the cord coz I'll be running along and music is gone...Grrr. That makes me unhappy. Not to mention the fact that they were fine up until evil child #2 got ahold of them for her MP3 player. Why do they have to use MY stuff ???...she has earbuds of her own....but mine are pink and sound better....or anyway they USED too. Nuff said.

I ordered a new sensor for my Nike+ today. what a racket....Stupid Steve Jobs!! Do you all know about this Nike+ Sports kit?

Okay. well this will be my unofficial review of Nike+

For those of you who never heard of it and for those that may consider purchasing the Nike+iPod sports kit, it's a "device which measures and records the distance and pace of a walk or run." There is a sensor that goes in or on your shoe and reports to a receiver that plugs into your iPod then the iPod displays how fast and how far you have been running/walking. When you sync your iPod with your PC the data is automatically uploaded to the Nike+ website (for FREE) and you can track your runs, compete with other users, or just see neat graphs of your PR's and run times...all that junk.

So anyway I bought a Nike+ for my Ipod It's pretty inexpensive $29.00 get you going if you already have an Ipod. I never bought special shoes I just have a little sensor holder that hooks to my shoe laces.
I used it nearly everyday for about a year and REALLY enjoyed it... and then the battery ran problem I'll just get a new battery...yeah RIGHT.

Here is where Steve Jobs becomes an evil genius. if you go to and check this out you will find that The Apple website is pretty clear on how the old battery issue works.

Is the sensor battery replaceable? How long does it

No. The sensor’s battery has a life of over 1000
active hours. The sensor sends a low battery signal when there is around 2 weeks
of life remaining (based on usage pattern), indicating that the sensor needs to
be replaced.

Most Nike + iPod runners and walkers can just drop the
sensor in their Nike+ shoes and forget about it. When inactive, the sensor
enters stand-by mode to save battery life."

There is no replacing batteries the whole sensor needs to be replaced and a sensor costs about $19.00 so once a year, or less, I have to pay $19 plus $8 shipping for a new sensor.
just to keep using the Nike+. It's not that I think that is such an outrageous price I just think it's mighty shady the way they conveniently never mention that.
Well, as I was googling around to find the best price for a new sensor... I read that some people have been able to replace their battery themselves, just take it apart and slip in a new battery. we tried this BIG MISTAKE! We absolutely MUTILATED the thing trying to get it's definitely made to NEVER BE OPENED. So we gave up on that and decided to get a new sensor.

So anyway, I give Nike+ a careful thumbs up, it's pretty cool but you must have and Ipod Nano, a holder or Nike+senor shoes, and be aware that the sensor will die...and probably sooner than you'd like it too.

So anyway...back on my crappy run went like this:

Start time: 7:45 AM
End time: 8:15 AM
Time: 00:27:40
Distance: 2.00 miles

Oh and BTW: There is a pretty freakin AWESOME give away going on over at NIKES and Ponytails, could be the biggest blog give-away ever so you definitely don't wanna miss out!!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy Holiday weekend..

Well my ankle is finally starting to feel better now. So I'll probably be back up and running on Tuesday. I figure I might as well enjoy the holiday weekend and give my ankle a little more rest before I start running 4 miles on it again. I do miss the running. I'm excited to get back on the ole treadmill.
Happy 4th of July Everybody!!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

that's no good...

Well Thursday was the last run I got in...and it wasn't good....I ran 1.25 miles.
I was supposed to do four miles but I didn't. I was having wardrobe malfunctions (shorts riding up) and I was getting very crabby and whinny. So I gave sense in beating a dead horse it was obviously going to be a crappy run for me.
After my crabby run I got in the sprinkler with my daughter we ran around and played, no big deal. Well Friday morning my ankle starts hurting, for apparently no reason. The longer the day goes the worse it gets. I decided not to run. By Saturday, It was to the point where I could hardly put any weight on it at all. The only thing I can come up with is I must have twisted it when I was outside running around with my daughter. I'm gonna give it the weekend and if it isn't feeling any better I'm gonna go into the doctor. I really hope it gets better on it's own. I'm missing a lot of training runs.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Shoulda but didn't...

I ran Tuesday like a champ. Did my 4 miles in 53:55 it's an improvement. But I'm still not running the whole thing. I do a combo of running and power-walking. I'd like to be running the whole thing so I'll keep working at it.

Tuesday's 4 Mile sweat-extravaganza went like this:
Start time: 8:00 AM
End time: 8:55 AM
Time: 00:53:55
Distance: 4.00 miles

As for today, I was scheduled to run. But I didn't. I have some not really good reasons why too.

1. It got up to 95 degrees today.

2. I didn't run right when I got outta work.

3. Minor aches and pains.

In short I'm a Instead, I slept and then played in the sprinkler with my daughter. I plan on running right when I get outta work in the morning. It'll be cooler then so that way I won't give myself a chance to slack out of

Monday, June 22, 2009

I lived to blog about it...

Well, I doubted me...and hubby, I think did to. I ran 4 miles on the treadmill. Hubby left the room he said he just couldn't watch me put myself through all There was pain, and stiffness, there was whinny thoughts and MUCH sweat. But I did it! I made it 4 miles and I survived!! I completed my 4 miles and stretched my legs out...I was sweating so much it was running into my eyes and burning. I don't think I've ever sweat that much. Course the 80 degree temps and humidity didn't help much. After running and stretching I took and icy cold shower...that felt real nice on my burning flesh...I swear when the water hit me it made a steaming Now I have Monday off to rest. Much needed rest. I'm glad that I ran.... I needed to prove to myself that I could do it.
Today's 4 Mile sweat-fest went like this:
Start time: 1:00 PM
End time: 1:56 PM
Time: 00:55:10
Distance: 4.00 miles

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Confidence Shaken....

I did my larger 3 mile run Saturday. BRUTAL. Wow, it didn't go well. I dunno, after about 1.5 miles my body just gave out....I still kept going...but the battle was on. It was not fun. I can't even say why it was so felt like I had my breathing under control though...I did lose control of it several times and had to walk several times. I walked very fast and only for a few minutes but still. So Sunday morning (when I get outta work) is supposed to be 4 miles. I can't even process that with my brain right now. I felt like a barely lived through 3 I'm gonna do 4 miles? I must be insane. Not only that but then next week's training is 4 miles a day for 3 days and then a 3 miler and a 6 miler......YOWSERS! I AM INSANE. But, i can do this...right? Yes Yes I can...and will! If Oprah Winfrey can run a full marathon then I think I have what it takes run the half.

I go over and over it in my head... it's not about skill...the skill is "one foot in front of the other...repeat...quickly" I have that skill. Then it's just a matter of endurance...mind over matter... drive and confidence. If I dedicate myself to this training and follow it like I should...I'll get there. I will. But, some how when I'm running and it's hard, and I'm sweating and breathing hard, and I feel like I can't take anymore... I doubt.
I'm reminded of a really good quote from Joyce Meyer...
"I'm not where I need to be, but thank God, I'm not where I used to be. I'm okay & I'm on my way!
I need to remember this with my training... I'm okay & I'm on my way!
Maybe it's just some child like mentality of mine that dictates that if It's possible for me to do this...then it shouldn't be hard? Consciously I know this isn't true...practice makes perfect. But, now I start to wonder how many things in my life I avoided because I couldn't do it perfectly the first time I tried. Hmmm...
but anyway...

Today's Run went like this:
Start time: 10:00 AM
End time: 10:41 AM
Time: 00:41:00
Distance: 3.00 miles

Friday, June 19, 2009

The next step...

With today's 2 mile run I have completed the days of running 2 miles. Now the bar is going to be raised. I have a rest day on Friday and then..... (dun....dun.....daaaaahhh) 3 miles on Saturday, and 4 on Sunday. Scary. I know those won't be easy. I had a difficult time doing the 2 miles. But, I am determined to try to follow this training schedule to the we'll see how it goes. Right now I'm not going to worry about it. I'm just gonna enjoy my rest day.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

First Training Day...

Two miles on Tuesday. That's the start of half marathon training for me. When I get out of work (aka I'll be doing another 2 miles. It takes me about 26 minutes to do to miles. So, a 13 minute mile average. The two miles is do-able but when I'm done I feel spent so it's hard for me to imagine 3 or 4 or MORE miles. But, it will come in time I'm sure.

Be Back Later to blog about today's run...since I don't work tonight.

2 miles done. Took me 25:50. I shave a little time off I had to work really hard for the 10 seconds But it feels good to see progress. I'm feeling pretty empowered by these 2 miles runs. I hope I can keep it up.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The beginning....

Here we go.

Monday was the official start of the half marathon training. Monday is a rest day. Any program that starts out with resting is A.OK in my This week will go something like this:

Monday - Rest
Tuesday - Fartlek (2 Miles)
Wednesday - 2 miles
Thursday - 2 miles
Friday - Rest
Saturday - 3 miles
Sunday - 4 miles

This is actually my own creation, I call it week zero of the Beginner Half Marathon Program. It's my way of easing myself into the program so I don't get overwhelmed right away.

In the coming weeks I'll be expending alot of nutrients as I run and sweat. So my current plan is to supplement my diet with lots of good nutrient filled foods. One of the healthy thing that I really enjoy is something called a green smoothie....called that because you add a leafy green to the fruit smoothie mix. Don't worry it's not don't even notice it's there. I have a green smoothie recipe for anyone who might be interested. I like to make these now and then. So now that I'm doing the half-marathon training I'll be making these everyday (hopefully) as part of my healthy approach to training.

Black Berry Green Smoothie Recipe

Makes 1 serving


40 g baby spinach leaves
2 tbsp Orange Juice
1/4 cup filtered water
54 g Banana
72 g pineapple
80 g blackberries or you could do blueberries instead
1/4 cup water

In a mixer blend together baby spinach, orange juice and 1/4 cup of water. Blend well until it makes a nice green liquid. You should see a few tiny leaf fragments but that is all. Stop the blender and add the remaining ingredients. Fresh is best but frozen works well too. In this recipe I used frozen black berries. Blend until desired consistency is achieved and enjoy.

By my calculation the total calorie count for the recipe above is 142 calories. I really enjoy these green smoothies. It gives me the sweetness I crave with the veggies and fruits I need. Can you tell I’m really excited about smoothies? Haha. It’s funny how some things just work for you, and other things no matter how hard you try you just can’t seem to make them work. Smoothies are a definite “fit” for me.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Adventures in running...

I'm a wimp.
I gave in to my achy hamstrings today and didn't run. I wanted to run but, more than anything I don't wanna injure myself. Right now I'm just at the point where you wanna give the muscle a good rub...and when you's like....ahhhhhhhhh...ooch. It hurts so So yeah, no run for me today. I gotta wonder...will I ever just run without some muscle group feeling sore the next day? Whether it's my arms, or sides, ankles or calves....some part of me ALWAYS seems to be

So, tonight I'm chick-itty-checkin Blogland. Looking at the blogs I follow. I love reading about other peoples' adventures in running. Especially the adventures of those of us who were not blessed with a svelte and perfect runners Somehow knowing other gals are out there bouncy and jiggling their hinders in the name of running makes me feel better about myself and my struggles. Blog-on Bloggettes!! I'm readin yah!

Speaking of which, one of my many blog-stalks Erica is giving away a copy of The Nonrunner’s Marathon Guide for Women on her blog here! Sounds like an awesome read, especially with me training for the half-marathon and all. So if you have a free min give her blog a look-see.

Anywho, The plan for tomorrow is to what? RUN... of course do I ever have another plan? lol... stay tuned.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Recap of the last few days

Well due to hubby's birthday, I ended up taking a few day off from running. I got back on the running wagon on June 10 with a 1.25 mile run. It went ok. not my best run.
Then June 11th I ran again. This time I ran 2 miles and follow it up with a 0.25 mile cool down walk. I'm tired right now at work so I'm going home and going right to bed. I'm hoping my legs won't be too sore when I wake up, coz I'd like to get another run in. Saturday I have some home improvement plans so I don't wanna run Saturday.

Next week is the start of my half marathon training. Gulp... we'll see how it goes.

Today's Run went like this:
start time: 12:04 PM
end time: 12:30 PM
Time: 00:26:00
Distance: 2.00 miles

and a 0.25 mile cool down.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

It's a beautiful morning...

It's a beautiful mornin', Ahhh,
I think I'll go outside a while,
An jus' smile.
Just take in some clean fresh air, boy!
Ain't no sense in stayin' inside
If the weather's fine an' you got the time.
It's your chance to wake up and plan another brand new day.
Either way,
It's a beautiful mornin',

Sorry, just a song I had stuck in my head after my run this morning.

It is a beautiful day for running outside, and that's just what I did. I found out area is hilly!! I hadn't run outside since we moved. And my new neighborhood is very peaceful to run in. But, it's hilly. So my run was a little harder than normal. I also got all disoriented when I started out. The switch from treadmill to outside always throws my senses off just a little bit in the beginning. This time it was actually pretty bad and lasted for about 0.15 of a mile. Then I was fine.

So today's stats look like this:

start time: 7:48AM
end time: 8:02 AM
Time: 00:14:00
Distance: 1.07 miles

Now, it's off to start my day!! Toodles...

P.S. Thank you Rascals for the song that is still in my head!!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Bum Run...

This morning I just ran 1 mile. I felt crappy. I was having a hard time keeping control of my breath. I couldn't stay focused. It just didn't go very well. They can't all be great runs! I'm not discouraged though, I've had bad run days'll pass. I think I might have eaten too close to my run. I feel better if my stomach is more empty when I run.
Tomorrow morning I'm not gonna run. I'm gonna go home and go straight to bed so I can get up around noon and have a life...(3rd shift sucks) The good news is I have the next 2 days off...yeay!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009


So far for June I've ran twice, 1.5 miles each time. I'm learning something about the way I breathe. I am constantly holding my abs very tight when I run. Sounds like a good thing but I'm finding that it alters my breathing and then rather than breathing deeply using my diaphragm I'm actually just breathing shallowly with my chest. So Wednesday morning when I ran I tried to think about my diaphragm moving down as I breathed in...I thought about the air going all the way down to my belly then I'd exhale. In..1..2..Out...1...2. As I exhaled I thought about my diaphragm pulling up into my lungs and squeezing all the air out. Visualizing this really seems to help keep me focused and keeps my breathing under control. Other than that not much new on the ole' running front. I just keep trucking along. Right now I'm doing something like Week5 day2 of the c25k. I'm not following the C25k exactly coz I'm trying to get ready for the half marathon training I wanna speed up the c25k. But week 5 day 2 is the..

Brisk five-minute warm up walk, then:
Jog 8 minutes
Walk 5 minutes
Jog 8 minutes

I've been doing 4 minutes of walking in between the 2 jogs. I did that on Monday and on Wednesday. By then end of this week I want to be running for 20 minutes with no walking or holding on to the treadmill...that is my goal. I've gotta get ready to start the half marathon training and the first week of it looks like this.

Week 1
Mon. Off
Tue. Fartlek(4M)
Wed. 4M
Thu. 4M
Fri. Off
Sat. 3M
Sun. 6M

I Know I'm not ready for all that just yet!

I did find a half marathon program that's 8 weeks long and starts out at just 2 miles

Week 1
Mon. Rest
Tues. 2M
Wed. 30min cross train
Thurs. 2M
Fri. Rest
Sat. 30 min cross train
Sun. 4M

So I don't know...I'll have to see how I'm doing next week.

Friday, May 29, 2009

decisions, decisions...

Yesterday I ran. I did 1.5 miles running and another .25 of walking to cool down. So 1.75 miles total. I wish I was doing more distance...but it's okay I guess.
Now today, my shins and the muscle on the top of my feet (the one that allows you to point your toes and flex your foot) are really sore. I did 40 minutes of Pilate's and that seemed to loosen me up some.
Now...I'm debating....should I run again today? I wanna run, I wanna keep powering ahead...getting stronger, better, faster. But, since I'm already sore...that might prove to be a dumb idea. When I get driven like this I always want to capitalize on it and make the MOST of that momentum before I lose it, yah know?
I could always do some more Pilate's to help me loosen up afterward. hmmm.
I could ice down those muscle after I run too. hmmm..

I'll think on it some more.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

too much? nahhhh....

I'm sick.... Wahhhhhhhanhan. Ugh, I feel like crap. My head is so congested...yuk! But, I ran today...and yes I'm gonna Whine about it!!

Commencing Whinery....

Okay so not only do I feel like crap...and can't sleep right coz I feel like crap...I decide that I wanna run today. Oh, but today, It happens to be like 80 degrees out, and HUMID...boy doggie is it HUMID, 71% humidity with a dew point of 66 degrees. For you non-weather buffs a dew point of anything over 50 starts to feel sticky when the temps are high.

Yeh, so that sounds like just the kinda weather you wanna run in...while you're sick. Anywho.

I got on the treadmill and powered out 1.75miles. My goal WAS 2.0 miles. but when I got to 1.75 I NEEDED a drink of water...and I can't drink and run at the same time so I had to slow down to a quick walk. When I did caught up with me all at once. My cold...the exertion, the weather. I felt VERY dizzy and sick to my I was gonna puke. I stopped the treadmill and went straight to the couch and laid down. After a few minutes I was ok and I got up and downed a 20 ouncer of water...then took a nice cold shower. In hindsite I probably should have had a thing of water BEFORE i ran and not pushed so hard.

But, I feel pretty good about that workout. I was sweatin' like a dude. I always feel pretty studly when I'm on the treadmill sweating like I dunno why. It makes me feel like I REALLY accomplished something.

Welp, I'm off to chill and re-hydrate now...later gaters!!

sicky icky...

I didn't run Monday or Tuesday. I have a stupid head cold now that is making my sinuses so sore. So I haven't felt much like running. I am gonna run today though, sinus pressure or not. Maybe running will help get the snot moving so I can actually breath again...that'd be

Monday, May 25, 2009

104 Days .... and counting....

I ran Sunday morning just as I had planned...running seemed just a smidgen easier than last time. SWEET
My calf started to tighten up after my run again so it was back to the tub to soak in some chilly water. I feel pretty beat up now physically...I ran for 5 out of the 7 days this week. That's pretty good. So I'm taking tomorrow off to let my body rest. Then hopefully I can bump my mileage up some. Tuesday I have an orthodontist appointment in the I'm not sure when I'll be running. I gotta try to squeeze it into my day somewhere. I hate not running right when I get outta work...then it's too easy to just not run.

Running is the greatest metaphor for life, because you get out of it what you
put into it. Oprah Winfrey

Sunday, May 24, 2009


I did my mile just like I planned this morning. It went pretty well. Took me 12min 45sec to do. After my run I stretched...and then my calf muscles started to get crazy tight. Stretching them seemed to make them worse. I waddled my way to the bathroom and filled the tub with COLD water and got in...YIPES!! It was ESPECIALLY cold since I had been working out and I was all hot and sweaty. But, my calves did calm down. I spent about 15 minutes in that chilly water and that seemed to do the trick. I heard that Icing your muscles after a workout will help with muscle soreness because it reduces inflammation. I wish I would have had some ice-packs on hand so I didn't have to get in the tub. Some parts just don't need to be dipped in water that I'm gonna have to get some Ziploc baggies from the store and make me some good 'ole fashioned ice-packs!
I also heard that using Epsom salt in the tub is good for sore muscles...I haven't tried that one.
I plan to run right when I get home. That really works out best for me...gets it outta the way early so I don't have the chance to put it off, and then not have time to get my workout in.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

106 Days left to Train...

I feel all scattered here are my mind dribblings in no particular

I didn't run Friday. I planned to, but DANG I was just so tired. So, like a good 3rd shifter, I slept most of the day away. I think I'll run this morning when I get outta work. Then Sunday I'll do 2 miles and call that my long run.

I'm pretty sure I could walk 13.1 even today if I had too...prolly take me FOREVER. but I could do it. But, running is a whole nother thing! I really wanna run. Not fast, I'd be happy with a nice 12/13 minute mile the whole way. I think my ultimate fear is getting all jacked-up on the race day excitement and starting out too fast and then burning out way too early.

As for my training...I'm gonna try to increase my running time next week- maybe throw in some run/walk combos or something. I am just worried about training. The half is in Sept., and I'm only running 1 mile right now.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


I'm having the hardest time getting this to post...I hate computers!! Anyway.....

I did another mile this morning. I was hoping it was gonna feel really didn't. While I was running I was thinking about hypnosis...I wonder if it's possible to hypnotize someone into thinking that running is easy or even better pleasurable. So that running is like eating the best tasting chocolate fudge covered sundae. lol...okay...maybe I was getting a little delirious that would be cool.

My sis-in-law sent me a great article on the half marathon.It really makes running the half sound...dare I I go back and forth emotionally with it...some times I get really excited about it...planing my runs calculating times all that jazz. Other times..I feel totally nervous and unsure of myself and it makes me doubt whether or not I can really complete such a long race. I guess it's kinda just the first time jitters. I'm pretty sure I'll be nervous enough to puke come race

Tomorrow I plan on getting on the treadmill again right after work and putting in another mile. It's gotta start getting easier sometime.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

still going...

I did a mile today when I got outta work just like I planned. Took me 13 minutes but again, I'm not going so much for time as I am for distance. I'm still trying to find my comfortable pace, one that's not too fast and not too slow.
My legs are a little sore today so I'm not gonna run when I get outta work I'm just gonna rest and maybe ice down my's kinda tight. Not bad though...I've had shin splints before and now I always stretch my shins out real well after a run!!
I still can't believe I'm actually gonna try to run a half marathon...I'm half terrified and half excited. I've been looking a race pictures from years past to motivate me.
Today my plan is to hydrate (lots of H2O) and then stretch, lots of stretches...I think I might throw in one of my Yoga DVDs and do that. More flexibility = less chance of injury.

Monday, May 18, 2009

The start of something big...

Today was day one of a very long road for me. Today I got on the treadmill and ran 1 mile. One mile nonstop. I wanted to see how far I could actually run. I got one measly mile, that was it before my lungs imploded. So my plan this week is to run 1 mile everyday when I get outta work. Then my hope is that next week I can bump that up to 1.25 miles and run that for a week...then maybe I can bump it up a quarter mile at a time until I get to 3 miles. Three miles per day is the magic number I need to reach before I can start the half marathon training program at


I got to thinking....5 weeks, just 5 weeks is what I have to get myself running 3 miles. June 22nd is when I need to start the half marathon training. that means I'm gonna have to increase by half a mile each week in order to be running the 3 miles in time. I hope I can do it!!

~ The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. ~ Lao Tzu

Sunday, May 17, 2009


here is a good quote:
"Your legs NEVER give out, only your heart does" (DAVID SU - first time marathoner)

and here is the best quote for me:
"It's not what you are that holds you back, it's what you think you are not." DENIS WAITLEY

hmm, should I?

I feel for Kirstie Alley I just saw her picture on the cover of people while I was at the grocery store. That girl has more ups and downs than a yo-yo! Course I'm not exactly what you'd call innocent. I've had my share of ups and downs. I'm on an upper right now. Hubby had gall bladder surgery the first week in May and that threw me all outta whack. I was struggling before that but his surgery was the nail in my diet coffin. He's feeling much better now, He's gone back to work and life is returning to normal. Except for my diet that is. I'm finding it so difficult to say no to sweets and fast, crappy, fat laden foods. I do mental gymnastics..bending a twisting facts in my head until ...EUREKA!!... I can...neigh....I MUST eat this burger. UGGGH. The shame.

So, I'm thinking, and thinking, about a prospect so scary I can barely give it utterance..... Half Marathon.... Am I NUTZ??? I think so!! my sis-in-law is running the Virginia Beach rock 'n' roll half marathon in September. She invited me to run it with her. AND I'M THINKING OF DOING IT!!! I am insane. I'm so Koo-Koo I actually made up a list of pros and cons to doing this.

I should not run it because....
  • I may not be able to complete it
  • it costs money to run the race
  • it costs money to get out there and back
  • I might injure myself training
  • I might embarass myself by not being able to finish
  • I'm too weak
  • I'm scared I'll prove to myself I'm a failure.
  • I might not stick to the long training schedule

I should run it because...

  • it's healthy
  • I'll lose weight
  • it's something to be proud of
  • I'll gain a sense of accomplishment
  • I can prove to myself I can do it.
  • it's a nice little vacation
  • it's a good confidence booster
  • it'll force me to eat healthier
  • it's a good example to set for the kids
  • I'll have fun before/after possibly during the race
  • there will be concerts along the way
  • it'll be a cool memory to have when I'm 90

I guess what it comes down to is.... am I gonna let fear keep me from doing something good?
I dunno. I worry that I won't have time to train. I'm not even sure I can run a mile...I've gain a bunch of weight this month. I am not all the way back to where I started. but still..

At this point, I am just gonna try to get in the habit of getting on the treadmill right when I get outta work. I'm not gonna put big lofty numbered goals on those runs I'm just gonna get on the treadmill. Hopefully keeping it simple and stress free will give me...something. Some sort of confidence. I'm also gonna quit obsessing about how fast I'm going. If indeed I do a half marathon the goal is gonna be TO FINISH. No special time, No special anything just try to cross the finish line while remaining

Thursday, April 2, 2009

stress, overtime, and running

This week I'm completing week two of my back to back 56 hour work weeks. It hasn't left me with any time for anything... much less running. Running wasn't going that great for me anyway. I think I was pushing myself too hard. Trying to go too fast when I wasn't ready to do so. I did manage to get in 1.5 miles on Wednesday... wasn't tracking my speed or anything just running how I felt like running. I did run for about 5 minutes straight. But it was at a much slower speed. 5.3mph. The plan is to start running more regularly but, not until we are done with all this overtime.


Monday, March 9, 2009

My Smoothie Recipe

Hello everyone! I have a green smoothie recipe for anyone who might be interested.
Black Berry Green Smoothie Recipe
Makes 1 serving
Blending green veggies with fruit makes them taste great and is also a neat way of getting more veggies into your diet.


40 g baby spinach leaves
2 tbsp Orange Juice
1/4 cup filtered water
54 g Banana
72 g pineapple
80 g blackberries
1/4 cup water
In a mixer blend together baby spinach, orange juice and 1/4 cup of water. Blend well until it makes a nice green liquid. You should see a few tiny leaf fragments but that is all. Stop the blender and add the remaining ingredients. Fresh is best but frozen works well too. In this recipe I use frozen black berries. Blend until desired consistency is achieved and enjoy.
By my calculation the total calorie count for the recipe above is 142 calories. I really enjoy these green smoothies. It gives me the sweetness I crave with the veggies and fruits I need. Can you tell I’m really excited about smoothies? Haha. It’s funny how some things are just work for you, and other things no matter how hard you try you just can’t seem to make them work. Smoothies are a definite “fit” for me.

Friday, March 6, 2009


Yes that’s right smoothieville, population: ME.
WOW, I just gotta say what a great idea green smoothies are!! I went out and got a bunch of organic fruits and greens and went home to try this out. Yesterday morning was the first morning. I made one very simple sort of green smoothie. It was mostly banana and pineapple with a few greens and orange juice. I discovered, you need to go lightly with the orange juice… it’s very overpowering compared to other fruits and veggies.
As far as the greens go, add a lot…you won’t notice them at all. I own the Magic Bullet so how I do it is I cram the cup full of greens and add a little bit of filtered water and the blend till it’s just liquid… or pretty much just liquid. Then I add everything else I might want…. like this morning I added banana and blackberries, pineapple, and a strawberry one of those Dannon probiotic shots. It’s great tasting and healthy to boot. I can’t wait to mess with this and perfect some recipes…YeaY

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

2.5 Again...

Well I had to do my week 2.5 over just wasn't going well. I was having a hard time fitting my workouts in. So on Monday I did day 1 of week 2.5. It wasn't bad. Week 2.5 is a challenge for me but it's do-able.
Today I did day 2 of week 2.5 and I gotta say....MUCH better. I didn't hold on to the treadmill at all and I just felt very happy durring the run and after. I think after day 3 I may just be ready to take on week 3... Imagine!!

The Nitty Gritty
5 minute warm up 0.26 miles @ about 3.2 mph
21 minutes alternating between 3.2mph and 6mph for a distance of 1.67 miles.
5 minute cool-down 0.26 miles @ about 3.3mph

Friday, February 20, 2009

a new 'tude

I'm abandoning my do it or die mentality for the moment. I normally go at things like the C25K with idea that I'll bust tail and victory shall be mine!! But, I have not been victorious over Week 3. I have hit a big wall (not My unwillingness to go slower...and my bodies incapability to go faster have got me at a standstill and I HATE stand stills. So after a bit of thought...I decided to do week 2.5 instead. It's my little invention...slides nicely between week 2 and week It goes like this:

5 min warm-up

jog till 1:30
walk till 3:00
jog till 5:00
walk till 7:00
jog till 8:30
walk till 10:00
jog till 12:00
walk till 14:00
jog till 15:30
walk till 17:00
jog till 19:00
walk till 21:00

5 minute cool-down

I did week 2.5 day 1 today and it was much better. I was challenged but not so much that I felt like i needed to hang on for dear life. Before, during the 3 minute run body would be done running at a-minute-and-a-half then I'd beat myself along for another 30-45 seconds and have to hold on...with a whole nother minute yet to run. Doing week 2.5...when I feel like I need to hold on I look at the treadmill and see ..hey 15 more secs and I can walk...that gives me the strength to push harder. After my run I was pleased with myself. Week 2.5 will renew my spirit and when week 3 does come...and I make it'll be that much sweeter coz I know how hard it is.

The Details:
5 min warm-up 0.26 miles
21 minutes 1.61 miles
5 minute cool-down 0.27 miles

~Pax Vobiscum

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

So much BAD

Valentines Day...oh how you coax me to be bad...and Oh how I love to submit to your wicked ways.

I'm shocked really....
I did it, I'm guilty. It's stupid I know. Valentine's day is nothing more than an over-commercialized event that tries to force people to show appreciation for their loved ones by spending hoards of money on them. I don't buy into that. I think acts of love and kindness should be sprinkled throughout the year not just on one silly day.
But sadly, I do enjoy Valentines Day it's reminds me how much appreciate my hubby and our great relationship. Which of course is cause for celebration. SO, like many other lovers across the land hubby and I celebrated with good food. A celebration that lasted all weekend. It was shameful. Yep that's right, I threw caution to the wind and jumped with both feet into a world of tempting food at a time when everyone says..."well that's okay, I mean it is Valentines Day." I'm pretty ashamed of myself. But, like a trooper I got back on the wagon Monday morning. I woke up and weighed myself. I was sad to see I'd gained a bit back but it strengthened my resolve to get busy and start working off those calories. Despite my self-induced set backs the scale hasn't been too mean to me. So it shouldn't be too hard to make it up.
As for my running, well lets just say it's hard to run with pizza and chocolate hanging outta your face. The C25k was pissing me off anyway so it's good that I took a little hiatus. I've decided to start week 3 over again. Coz last week sucked! So today was week 3 day1 AGAIN. It wasn't easy. I've hit a wall and hard!! That second 3minute run just isn't there for me. I run and feel like it's been about 3 minutes...and its only been A-minute-and-a-half. It's not my leg muscles either...they are still ready to's my lungs. I control my breath for about A-minute-and-a-half. and then that's it...I slowly start to lose control and end up being short of breath and having to hold on to the treadmill to make it through. I even tried slowing my speed down that second 3 minute segment and I still couldn't do it....AGGGGHHHH. Stupid week 3...Stupid lungs.

The dirty details:
5 minute warm up at 3MPH
21 minutes alternating between 3MPH and 6MPH(and slowing down to 5mph at times)
5 minute cool down

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Week 3 Day 1

Day 1 of Week 3 kicked my butt!
Ok it may have had something to do with the fact that I went to the gym and totally killed my arms BEFORE coming home and jumping on the treadmill to kick out W3D1. Nonetheless, week 3 was hard. I held on to the treadmill quite a bit. I may have to do week 3 again I dunno yet. I wanna stay at 6MPH coz that's a 10 minute mile. But, if I just can't I'll do this week at 5.5MPH and then do it again at 6MPH. Since I already did the C25k once I know I CAN DO IT.
I think I would have done much better if I would have ran before going to the gym. I didn't intend on killing myself at the gym I just signed up for a free 7 day trial then set off to work out. I did 4 different upper body exercises. Got a 30 minute work out in and left the gym feeling great. I came home and I could feel my they'd done something. "This is good." I'm thinking. YEAY. Look at me go!
But, NOW my arms are They have hardly any strength at all. I feel every movement I It's not so bad that I feel injured or anything. Just wow did I give myself a work out

5 minute warm-up
21 minutes alternating between 3 and 6 mph
5 minute cool-down

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Week 2 Day 3...

Friday's run was a mix for me. In some ways it was awesome but in others it's a little depressing. I felt like I got into "the zone" for A-MINUTE-AND-A-HALF. Running felt good, a I felt light and I wasn't focused on "whew...come-on...just 10 more seconds" it was nice to have a break from that and have that minute of the running zen that I used to get. But it was also depressing, the zen was very fleeting and it mad me angry that my body had lost so much stamina. Now running for a-minute-and-a-half straight seems so hard... nearly impossible at times,...and I used to be able to run for 30 minutes straight...not no more. Well I take that back, I prolly COULD if I lowered the speed to a light jog/fast walk. But, who wants to do that?
So that's that for week 2. Now I'm on to week 3 on Monday. I been trying to stick to running on Monday's, Wednesday's, and Fridays...and taking the weekend to rest.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Week 2 Day 2 ...

I made it through another day of C25K. Man, was I sweating today! Yep, got me a good work out in today. But, I'm feeling unsettled... I suppose impatient is a better word. I wanna run better, more like I did last summer...grr. Shame on me for being such a slacker. I really feel like a put the capitol "S" in Slack-ass-ory. But, I suppose it doesn't make much sense to sit here moping about   what I did   quit doing. I'm on the right path and I just gotta keep plugging along.

So, yah....

I been thinking about lotz of things, The River Bank Run, joining the gym. I dunno I think I have the "Blahs" You know the winter blahs. I just want some sunshine and warm temps. I miss spring!! Heck I even miss the muddy nasty mess that spring is here in Michigan...Oh what I wouldn't give to be worried about tracking mud in the house's been soooo This weekend they are saying that we are supose to get all the way up into the 40's WOOHOO!! I hope they aren't fibbing, weather forecasters love to do that... juz kidding.


Monday, February 2, 2009

The healing power of .... RUNNING??

I was feeling weak, defeated and overrun with negative emotions today. I forced myself on that dreaded treadmill once again to do my C25K training. As I ran my focus changed, I have to force myself not to look at the numbers on the treadmill it makes it harder…I HAVE to look at the time to make sure I’m getting my intervals right…but I don’t need to stare at it the whole time. So I looked out the window a bit, then I noticed a cob web ( I really should knock that down)…I thought about improvements I wanna make to the house… looked outside some more and thought about how it’s starting to look a little like spring. As I got sweatier I opened the window and I could hear birds chirping. Another sign of the approaching spring? Hope so!
By the time I got done running, I was a bundle of positivity and confidence.

With that all said, I have completed Week 2 Day one of the Couch to 5K. It still feels like it’s too hard…but I always manage to make it through…so, I’m pretty sure I’m working out at the perfect level. I don’t want it to be too easy. Still running at 6mph and walking now at about 3.2mph.
With the 5 minute warm-up and cool-down included I went 2.05 miles which took me 31 minutes.

Week2 Day2 is gonna be on Wednesday!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Week 1 Completed

Wednesday night I got new running shoes. I had been needing a pair and with starting the C25K I figured this would be a good time to get some. I tried on a bunch of different kinds of running shoes and finally decided on some New Balance 725's. Not that I'm a big fan of New Balance...but I'm kinda starting to lean that way. Since I'm a neutral runner I can get a variety of shoes. But, I find I enjoy lots of cushion to lessen the shock on my body during impact. So I opted for a super cushy pair of shoes. The nice thing about these New Balance shoes is they seem to be a bit wider too which accommodates my pudgy footsies so much better.
Here are my new shoes.
From Running

These are the stats:
New Balance 725
Abzorb® EX heel provides durable cushioning and shock absorption
C-CAP® midsole provides cushioning and support
Synthetic/Mesh upper provides lightweight comfort and support
N-Durance® rubber compound for maximum outsole durability

Today was W1D3 of the C25K. Yep I finished week one and I'm on to week number 2. I'm still working on running at 6MPH and walking at 3MPH. Today's workout was the first in my new shoes. They worked out nice. Felt so much more supportive than my old pair. I also found something cool on the net. C25K T-shirts Pretty cool...I might consider getting one when I complete the C25K.

On To Week #2

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I didn't wanna run today. I REALLY didn't wanna run today. I argued with myself in my head the whole time I was setting the treadmill up to run. My body was pleading with my brain like a little child...please, no, anything but running. I got on the treadmill hoping, praying for a distraction something urgent that I'd need to take care of. No distraction came. My brain kept pushing forward. "Not optional, we must do this." my mind was set.

Running was so-so today. I was moody on the treadmill so naturally everything irritated me. My hip made a popping noise at one point and hurt for a bit. I ran through's not bad now. My head phone cord caught on the treadmill and ripped out of the IPod so I walked while trying to put that back in. I ran outa water early in the run and didn't wanna stop to get more so I was thirsty. Boo Hoo…poor Kathy!! See what I mean. I had a million reasons to stop, to not run today, to give up. But, I'm happy to say that despite the fact that I have a wimpy body, my determination is strong and W1D2 is now behind me!!

Friday is Day 3 of the C25k and the end of Week 1!!


5 minute warm-up for 0.25 miles at about 3mph which is about a 21:44 min/mile

20 minutes C25k intervals between 6mph and 3mph for 1.4 miles averages to be a 14:00 min/mile

7 minutes cool-down for .37 miles at about 3.3 which is about a 20:05 min/mile

For a grand total of 32 minutes and 2.02 miles

Monday, January 26, 2009

W1D1 all over again..

I’m happy to report that I’ve completed W1D1 of the C25K today. I gotta say it was far from; I've lost a lot since last July. That's kinda depressing. I decided to use 6 mph as my jog speed and 3 mph as my walk. At 6 mph it was hard for me to last the entire minute but, is was okay cuz the 90 sec break was JUST barely long enough for me to recover. So I'm thinking as I go forward into week 2 or week 3 I may have to slow that jog speed down some we'll wait and see. For now I was able to keep my breathing under control and it was hard but, as Jillian would say, “Unless you faint, puke, or die, KEEP GOING!” and I didn't faint, puke or die AND I didn’t have to hold on to the treadmill so, I guess I didn't over work myself.
I felt really good afterward like I accomplished something and the hardest part of exercising is the actually "DOING IT"
So, my next challenge is to stick with it for the next 9 weeks. Nine weeks is a long time but, I know that it gets easier to handle the longer I do it and the more it becomes a habit...just something I do. For me once I work it into my weekly routine, then I'll do okay.

Next C25K workout will be on Wednesday!

Why am I Starting C25K Over Again?
As many of you know, I started the C25K program for the first time and on the 4th of July weekend I participated in the Run thru Purgatory - 5K. After that I had planned to do the Run thru Hell, but, that didn't happen. I had a leg surgery which stopped me from running. I was supposed to quit for 6 weeks... but, 6 weeks quickly became 6 months and now here I am, I've gained a good amount of weight and I haven't been on a treadmill since before my race. I'm actually a bit afraid of getting on that treadmill, coz then I will know the full measure of what I have lost. I'm afraid of how depressing it will be knowing where I was and where I am now. I'm sad to see how I let myself go and surprised to see how quickly my progress was lost. Despite all that though, I plan to start the C25K on Monday January 26th, 2009. I'm gonna start back at the very beginning again with week 1 day 1. At least this time around I know what to expect.