Tuesday, May 19, 2009

still going...

I did a mile today when I got outta work just like I planned. Took me 13 minutes but again, I'm not going so much for time as I am for distance. I'm still trying to find my comfortable pace, one that's not too fast and not too slow.
My legs are a little sore today so I'm not gonna run when I get outta work I'm just gonna rest and maybe ice down my shin...it's kinda tight. Not bad though...I've had shin splints before and wow...so now I always stretch my shins out real well after a run!!
I still can't believe I'm actually gonna try to run a half marathon...I'm half terrified and half excited. I've been looking a race pictures from years past to motivate me.
Today my plan is to hydrate (lots of H2O) and then stretch, lots of stretches...I think I might throw in one of my Yoga DVDs and do that. More flexibility = less chance of injury.

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Erica said...

Hey I found your blog through runner's lounge i look forward to following. Hope if you get a minute you will check out my blog.