Saturday, May 23, 2009

106 Days left to Train...

I feel all scattered here are my mind dribblings in no particular

I didn't run Friday. I planned to, but DANG I was just so tired. So, like a good 3rd shifter, I slept most of the day away. I think I'll run this morning when I get outta work. Then Sunday I'll do 2 miles and call that my long run.

I'm pretty sure I could walk 13.1 even today if I had too...prolly take me FOREVER. but I could do it. But, running is a whole nother thing! I really wanna run. Not fast, I'd be happy with a nice 12/13 minute mile the whole way. I think my ultimate fear is getting all jacked-up on the race day excitement and starting out too fast and then burning out way too early.

As for my training...I'm gonna try to increase my running time next week- maybe throw in some run/walk combos or something. I am just worried about training. The half is in Sept., and I'm only running 1 mile right now.

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