Friday, May 29, 2009

decisions, decisions...

Yesterday I ran. I did 1.5 miles running and another .25 of walking to cool down. So 1.75 miles total. I wish I was doing more distance...but it's okay I guess.
Now today, my shins and the muscle on the top of my feet (the one that allows you to point your toes and flex your foot) are really sore. I did 40 minutes of Pilate's and that seemed to loosen me up some.
Now...I'm debating....should I run again today? I wanna run, I wanna keep powering ahead...getting stronger, better, faster. But, since I'm already sore...that might prove to be a dumb idea. When I get driven like this I always want to capitalize on it and make the MOST of that momentum before I lose it, yah know?
I could always do some more Pilate's to help me loosen up afterward. hmmm.
I could ice down those muscle after I run too. hmmm..

I'll think on it some more.

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