Monday, May 18, 2009

The start of something big...

Today was day one of a very long road for me. Today I got on the treadmill and ran 1 mile. One mile nonstop. I wanted to see how far I could actually run. I got one measly mile, that was it before my lungs imploded. So my plan this week is to run 1 mile everyday when I get outta work. Then my hope is that next week I can bump that up to 1.25 miles and run that for a week...then maybe I can bump it up a quarter mile at a time until I get to 3 miles. Three miles per day is the magic number I need to reach before I can start the half marathon training program at


I got to thinking....5 weeks, just 5 weeks is what I have to get myself running 3 miles. June 22nd is when I need to start the half marathon training. that means I'm gonna have to increase by half a mile each week in order to be running the 3 miles in time. I hope I can do it!!

~ The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. ~ Lao Tzu

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