Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Post-Surgery Blues

I'm miserable and sore...and sunburned. My leg hurts, My "supposed to be" tiny operation on my leg ended up being a nightmare. It did not go well...and they did not get to do what they wanted to do. So my leg is all sore....and for nothing. It feels a lot like I imagine having a chopstick stuck in your leg would feel like. The real BONUS here is I have to go back in 3 weeks and have them look at it AGAIN! Oh JOY! (*oozing sarcasm*) But they wanna do another ultra sound and then based on what they see...likely set me up with a more formal surgery. which I'm hoping to put off til like October when running in Michigan is less friendly.

But on a better note... despite feeling crappy I did manage to get on the treadmill and chuck out 1.13 miles at the highest incline my treadmill could muster...lol... took me 27 minutes to go that far...but we'll keep that a secret *Shhh*


Thursday, July 10, 2008


We have 30 days til the Run thru Hell. I want to be training hard, but tomorrow morning I have a surgery scheduled. I know, I know, yet another surgery. Good grief I feel like a pin cushion sometimes. I'm survival impared, what can i say...lol. I have a tendancy to fall apart... and my poor hubby has to keep putting me back together.
This time, I have an incompetent vein that they want to close down. It has been giving me some discomfort especially after I run (like I have a big bruise that's all tender) and they think it's best to use radio frequency to close that vein. The doctor said I would likely resume my training in 2 weeks, possibly sooner. I hope it's sooner...I need my training. I'm pretty worried. I hope this goes real smoothly, I need all the training time I can get. He said short walks will be encouraged after the surgery. I'll be taking my short walks all up hill to try to prepare. My hubby is afraid I'll push myself too hard and wind up hurting myself...but I'm usually a pretty good judge of my body and how much it can take. So, I'm not too worried about that.
If you're the prayin' type say a little prayer for me and we'll see how tomorrow goes.


Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Title change..

For anyone who was reading my blog, if there is anyone out there. I changed the title. "Go Blue Banana" while cute, and a nickname given to me by my hubby, just didn't seem to convey everything my blog is about. My blog is more about discovery and the growing pains I incur as I find the runner who is buried deep within me.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Run thru Purgatory

Purgatory was a challenge! I was prepared to run the 5k (no problem) what I wasn't ready for were all the hills!!! OMG, I ran my little legs off...lol.

I think the look I have here says it all...lol...

I'm so happy I finished! and I wasn't last either!! They post the times online... I ran 3.2 miles in 36 minutes 42 seconds. Not too shabby that's about an 11 minute mile. So I'm feeling pretty proud over that. Purgatory gave me a really good idea of where I'm at physically and how I need to prepare between now and when I got to Hell...lol... The Run thru Hell that is. So I've got about a month of training yet and I'm feeling the squeeze now. Time to knuckle down and really log some miles!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Doin' my own thing...

So today I decided to mix it up again this time I just thought I'd do a 5 minute warmup then run for 1 minute at 6.4 MPH and jog for 1 minute at 4.0 MPH switching back and forth. I did that for 20 minutes, nice little workout. I didn't want to do too much since I have a race on Saturday...just wanted to keep my legs limber. I'll probably run tomorrow too, a nice easy run, and then that'll be it before my big race.