Thursday, July 10, 2008


We have 30 days til the Run thru Hell. I want to be training hard, but tomorrow morning I have a surgery scheduled. I know, I know, yet another surgery. Good grief I feel like a pin cushion sometimes. I'm survival impared, what can i I have a tendancy to fall apart... and my poor hubby has to keep putting me back together.
This time, I have an incompetent vein that they want to close down. It has been giving me some discomfort especially after I run (like I have a big bruise that's all tender) and they think it's best to use radio frequency to close that vein. The doctor said I would likely resume my training in 2 weeks, possibly sooner. I hope it's sooner...I need my training. I'm pretty worried. I hope this goes real smoothly, I need all the training time I can get. He said short walks will be encouraged after the surgery. I'll be taking my short walks all up hill to try to prepare. My hubby is afraid I'll push myself too hard and wind up hurting myself...but I'm usually a pretty good judge of my body and how much it can take. So, I'm not too worried about that.
If you're the prayin' type say a little prayer for me and we'll see how tomorrow goes.


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chia said...

Best wishes for your surgery and many hopes for a quick recovery!!!