Thursday, May 21, 2009


I'm having the hardest time getting this to post...I hate computers!! Anyway.....

I did another mile this morning. I was hoping it was gonna feel really didn't. While I was running I was thinking about hypnosis...I wonder if it's possible to hypnotize someone into thinking that running is easy or even better pleasurable. So that running is like eating the best tasting chocolate fudge covered sundae. lol...okay...maybe I was getting a little delirious that would be cool.

My sis-in-law sent me a great article on the half marathon.It really makes running the half sound...dare I I go back and forth emotionally with it...some times I get really excited about it...planing my runs calculating times all that jazz. Other times..I feel totally nervous and unsure of myself and it makes me doubt whether or not I can really complete such a long race. I guess it's kinda just the first time jitters. I'm pretty sure I'll be nervous enough to puke come race

Tomorrow I plan on getting on the treadmill again right after work and putting in another mile. It's gotta start getting easier sometime.

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