Sunday, May 24, 2009


I did my mile just like I planned this morning. It went pretty well. Took me 12min 45sec to do. After my run I stretched...and then my calf muscles started to get crazy tight. Stretching them seemed to make them worse. I waddled my way to the bathroom and filled the tub with COLD water and got in...YIPES!! It was ESPECIALLY cold since I had been working out and I was all hot and sweaty. But, my calves did calm down. I spent about 15 minutes in that chilly water and that seemed to do the trick. I heard that Icing your muscles after a workout will help with muscle soreness because it reduces inflammation. I wish I would have had some ice-packs on hand so I didn't have to get in the tub. Some parts just don't need to be dipped in water that I'm gonna have to get some Ziploc baggies from the store and make me some good 'ole fashioned ice-packs!
I also heard that using Epsom salt in the tub is good for sore muscles...I haven't tried that one.
I plan to run right when I get home. That really works out best for me...gets it outta the way early so I don't have the chance to put it off, and then not have time to get my workout in.

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