Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Bored and Bloggin'

I'm BORED....B...O...R...E...D....bored at work.

I've been in a blah-ish sort of mood for several days now. I ran today. That went like I figured....blah-ish. I felt slower and fatter than usual. My ear buds are dieing on me too. (top) They must have a short in the cord coz I'll be running along and music is gone...Grrr. That makes me unhappy. Not to mention the fact that they were fine up until evil child #2 got ahold of them for her MP3 player. Why do they have to use MY stuff ???...she has earbuds of her own....but mine are pink and sound better....or anyway they USED too. Nuff said.

I ordered a new sensor for my Nike+ today. what a racket....Stupid Steve Jobs!! Do you all know about this Nike+ Sports kit?

Okay. well this will be my unofficial review of Nike+

For those of you who never heard of it and for those that may consider purchasing the Nike+iPod sports kit, it's a "device which measures and records the distance and pace of a walk or run." There is a sensor that goes in or on your shoe and reports to a receiver that plugs into your iPod then the iPod displays how fast and how far you have been running/walking. When you sync your iPod with your PC the data is automatically uploaded to the Nike+ website (for FREE) and you can track your runs, compete with other users, or just see neat graphs of your PR's and run times...all that junk.

So anyway I bought a Nike+ for my Ipod It's pretty inexpensive $29.00 get you going if you already have an Ipod. I never bought special shoes I just have a little sensor holder that hooks to my shoe laces.
I used it nearly everyday for about a year and REALLY enjoyed it... and then the battery ran problem I'll just get a new battery...yeah RIGHT.

Here is where Steve Jobs becomes an evil genius. if you go to and check this out you will find that The Apple website is pretty clear on how the old battery issue works.

Is the sensor battery replaceable? How long does it

No. The sensor’s battery has a life of over 1000
active hours. The sensor sends a low battery signal when there is around 2 weeks
of life remaining (based on usage pattern), indicating that the sensor needs to
be replaced.

Most Nike + iPod runners and walkers can just drop the
sensor in their Nike+ shoes and forget about it. When inactive, the sensor
enters stand-by mode to save battery life."

There is no replacing batteries the whole sensor needs to be replaced and a sensor costs about $19.00 so once a year, or less, I have to pay $19 plus $8 shipping for a new sensor.
just to keep using the Nike+. It's not that I think that is such an outrageous price I just think it's mighty shady the way they conveniently never mention that.
Well, as I was googling around to find the best price for a new sensor... I read that some people have been able to replace their battery themselves, just take it apart and slip in a new battery. we tried this BIG MISTAKE! We absolutely MUTILATED the thing trying to get it's definitely made to NEVER BE OPENED. So we gave up on that and decided to get a new sensor.

So anyway, I give Nike+ a careful thumbs up, it's pretty cool but you must have and Ipod Nano, a holder or Nike+senor shoes, and be aware that the sensor will die...and probably sooner than you'd like it too.

So anyway...back on my crappy run went like this:

Start time: 7:45 AM
End time: 8:15 AM
Time: 00:27:40
Distance: 2.00 miles

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Alyson O'Holic said...

I picked mine up at Target - they had them in the back, but it's better than paying for shipping, so you might check your local store.