Thursday, July 9, 2009


I'm excited...I doesn't take
I just got the confirmation email from Nikestore that my package (ie. Nike+ sensor) has been shipped!! According to FEDEX:

Ship date: Jul 8, 2009
Estimated delivery: Jul 10, 2009

Cool Beans!! SO that means I'll only be mailbox stalking for a few days....awesome!!

In other relevant running news...I did 3 miles today (Wednesday). I bargained with myself again and promised myself they didn't have to be great miles...I just needed to get through it. I did alright. I still feel like a giant whale clomping along on my treadmill. I swear the whole house shakes when I'm running on that thing!! Earbuds are still annoying me. If I get them JUST RIGHT I can make it through my run without them crapping out on me. But they are getting worse all the time. Looks like I'm gonna have to get a new pair. I hate earbud shopping....I have freakishly tiny ears and a tiny head... so normal head phones just don't fit me right. Even the ones I have right now don't make me very happy. They don't wanna stay in my ears, just a little big. Then my ears get all sweaty on the inside and that makes the earbuds wanna fall out even more. Am I picky or what??

I'd like to get a pair of these.
But I think they'd be to big for me too. An ear piece like the traditional Ipod earbuds really hurt my ears and don't stay in at all when I run.

Ah-well...I'll keep looking.

Wednesday's run stats look like this:

Start time: 7:30 AM
End time: 8:10 AM
Time: 00:40:55
Distance: 3.00 miles


is ilanlari said...

danke für di informationen war sehr guut

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doch doch ich meine kann noch besser werden is ;)