Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I didn't wanna run today. I REALLY didn't wanna run today. I argued with myself in my head the whole time I was setting the treadmill up to run. My body was pleading with my brain like a little child...please, no, anything but running. I got on the treadmill hoping, praying for a distraction something urgent that I'd need to take care of. No distraction came. My brain kept pushing forward. "Not optional, we must do this." my mind was set.

Running was so-so today. I was moody on the treadmill so naturally everything irritated me. My hip made a popping noise at one point and hurt for a bit. I ran through's not bad now. My head phone cord caught on the treadmill and ripped out of the IPod so I walked while trying to put that back in. I ran outa water early in the run and didn't wanna stop to get more so I was thirsty. Boo Hoo…poor Kathy!! See what I mean. I had a million reasons to stop, to not run today, to give up. But, I'm happy to say that despite the fact that I have a wimpy body, my determination is strong and W1D2 is now behind me!!

Friday is Day 3 of the C25k and the end of Week 1!!


5 minute warm-up for 0.25 miles at about 3mph which is about a 21:44 min/mile

20 minutes C25k intervals between 6mph and 3mph for 1.4 miles averages to be a 14:00 min/mile

7 minutes cool-down for .37 miles at about 3.3 which is about a 20:05 min/mile

For a grand total of 32 minutes and 2.02 miles

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