Wednesday, June 17, 2009

First Training Day...

Two miles on Tuesday. That's the start of half marathon training for me. When I get out of work (aka I'll be doing another 2 miles. It takes me about 26 minutes to do to miles. So, a 13 minute mile average. The two miles is do-able but when I'm done I feel spent so it's hard for me to imagine 3 or 4 or MORE miles. But, it will come in time I'm sure.

Be Back Later to blog about today's run...since I don't work tonight.

2 miles done. Took me 25:50. I shave a little time off I had to work really hard for the 10 seconds But it feels good to see progress. I'm feeling pretty empowered by these 2 miles runs. I hope I can keep it up.

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