Friday, June 12, 2009

Recap of the last few days

Well due to hubby's birthday, I ended up taking a few day off from running. I got back on the running wagon on June 10 with a 1.25 mile run. It went ok. not my best run.
Then June 11th I ran again. This time I ran 2 miles and follow it up with a 0.25 mile cool down walk. I'm tired right now at work so I'm going home and going right to bed. I'm hoping my legs won't be too sore when I wake up, coz I'd like to get another run in. Saturday I have some home improvement plans so I don't wanna run Saturday.

Next week is the start of my half marathon training. Gulp... we'll see how it goes.

Today's Run went like this:
start time: 12:04 PM
end time: 12:30 PM
Time: 00:26:00
Distance: 2.00 miles

and a 0.25 mile cool down.

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