Saturday, June 13, 2009

Adventures in running...

I'm a wimp.
I gave in to my achy hamstrings today and didn't run. I wanted to run but, more than anything I don't wanna injure myself. Right now I'm just at the point where you wanna give the muscle a good rub...and when you's like....ahhhhhhhhh...ooch. It hurts so So yeah, no run for me today. I gotta wonder...will I ever just run without some muscle group feeling sore the next day? Whether it's my arms, or sides, ankles or calves....some part of me ALWAYS seems to be

So, tonight I'm chick-itty-checkin Blogland. Looking at the blogs I follow. I love reading about other peoples' adventures in running. Especially the adventures of those of us who were not blessed with a svelte and perfect runners Somehow knowing other gals are out there bouncy and jiggling their hinders in the name of running makes me feel better about myself and my struggles. Blog-on Bloggettes!! I'm readin yah!

Speaking of which, one of my many blog-stalks Erica is giving away a copy of The Nonrunner’s Marathon Guide for Women on her blog here! Sounds like an awesome read, especially with me training for the half-marathon and all. So if you have a free min give her blog a look-see.

Anywho, The plan for tomorrow is to what? RUN... of course do I ever have another plan? lol... stay tuned.

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