Thursday, June 25, 2009

Shoulda but didn't...

I ran Tuesday like a champ. Did my 4 miles in 53:55 it's an improvement. But I'm still not running the whole thing. I do a combo of running and power-walking. I'd like to be running the whole thing so I'll keep working at it.

Tuesday's 4 Mile sweat-extravaganza went like this:
Start time: 8:00 AM
End time: 8:55 AM
Time: 00:53:55
Distance: 4.00 miles

As for today, I was scheduled to run. But I didn't. I have some not really good reasons why too.

1. It got up to 95 degrees today.

2. I didn't run right when I got outta work.

3. Minor aches and pains.

In short I'm a Instead, I slept and then played in the sprinkler with my daughter. I plan on running right when I get outta work in the morning. It'll be cooler then so that way I won't give myself a chance to slack out of

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