Friday, February 20, 2009

a new 'tude

I'm abandoning my do it or die mentality for the moment. I normally go at things like the C25K with idea that I'll bust tail and victory shall be mine!! But, I have not been victorious over Week 3. I have hit a big wall (not My unwillingness to go slower...and my bodies incapability to go faster have got me at a standstill and I HATE stand stills. So after a bit of thought...I decided to do week 2.5 instead. It's my little invention...slides nicely between week 2 and week It goes like this:

5 min warm-up

jog till 1:30
walk till 3:00
jog till 5:00
walk till 7:00
jog till 8:30
walk till 10:00
jog till 12:00
walk till 14:00
jog till 15:30
walk till 17:00
jog till 19:00
walk till 21:00

5 minute cool-down

I did week 2.5 day 1 today and it was much better. I was challenged but not so much that I felt like i needed to hang on for dear life. Before, during the 3 minute run body would be done running at a-minute-and-a-half then I'd beat myself along for another 30-45 seconds and have to hold on...with a whole nother minute yet to run. Doing week 2.5...when I feel like I need to hold on I look at the treadmill and see ..hey 15 more secs and I can walk...that gives me the strength to push harder. After my run I was pleased with myself. Week 2.5 will renew my spirit and when week 3 does come...and I make it'll be that much sweeter coz I know how hard it is.

The Details:
5 min warm-up 0.26 miles
21 minutes 1.61 miles
5 minute cool-down 0.27 miles

~Pax Vobiscum

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