Thursday, February 5, 2009

Week 2 Day 2 ...

I made it through another day of C25K. Man, was I sweating today! Yep, got me a good work out in today. But, I'm feeling unsettled... I suppose impatient is a better word. I wanna run better, more like I did last summer...grr. Shame on me for being such a slacker. I really feel like a put the capitol "S" in Slack-ass-ory. But, I suppose it doesn't make much sense to sit here moping about   what I did   quit doing. I'm on the right path and I just gotta keep plugging along.

So, yah....

I been thinking about lotz of things, The River Bank Run, joining the gym. I dunno I think I have the "Blahs" You know the winter blahs. I just want some sunshine and warm temps. I miss spring!! Heck I even miss the muddy nasty mess that spring is here in Michigan...Oh what I wouldn't give to be worried about tracking mud in the house's been soooo This weekend they are saying that we are supose to get all the way up into the 40's WOOHOO!! I hope they aren't fibbing, weather forecasters love to do that... juz kidding.


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