Friday, March 6, 2009


Yes that’s right smoothieville, population: ME.
WOW, I just gotta say what a great idea green smoothies are!! I went out and got a bunch of organic fruits and greens and went home to try this out. Yesterday morning was the first morning. I made one very simple sort of green smoothie. It was mostly banana and pineapple with a few greens and orange juice. I discovered, you need to go lightly with the orange juice… it’s very overpowering compared to other fruits and veggies.
As far as the greens go, add a lot…you won’t notice them at all. I own the Magic Bullet so how I do it is I cram the cup full of greens and add a little bit of filtered water and the blend till it’s just liquid… or pretty much just liquid. Then I add everything else I might want…. like this morning I added banana and blackberries, pineapple, and a strawberry one of those Dannon probiotic shots. It’s great tasting and healthy to boot. I can’t wait to mess with this and perfect some recipes…YeaY

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