Saturday, April 24, 2010


Ahhh, Saturday. The beginning of my vacation. 7 days of not having to go to work. I have no big plans, just relax, run, sleep... rest. I need it too I've been working nearly everyday so far this month since we are short handed. 6 and 7 day weeks take their tole on your nerves. I'm thinking at some point I'll be hitting the White Pine Trail for some Chirunning Practice!

The White Pine Trail is a monster of a trail that goes probably around 100 miles on what used to be an old railroad track. The trail starts out pretty close to my house, in north west Grand Rapids and goes all the way up to Cadillac. From my area to just the neighboring town it's 4.2 miles. I'd like to try that this summer that will be awhile though...8 miles round trip...I gotta be ready for a run that size.
later gaters!

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