Sunday, August 15, 2010

Too Humid!!!

I haven't run in about a week. It's just too HUMID, ugh. The air here in Michigan is so thick with moisture that you can hardly breath and it's that way all the time...morning and night! It's been about a week and a half straight of EVIL humidity, like 97%, crazy. I don't have air conditioning at my house so there is no relief. Well there is air at work so I get relief when I'm there...and in my car.
Since I've been sweating bullets for the past few days, I've been drinking lots of water. Ever notice how much you pee when you drink lots of water. I feel like getting some Depends er
On the pulse side though...we've been using practically zero natural gas. Taking COLD showers, not using the dryer as much. Only thing that is getting heat is water for the dish washer. That should be nice on the ole pocket book.
how bout you guys, what are you doing to stay cool?


Missa said...

I've had a few treadmill runs to beat the heat lately, but luckily the temp took a dive and it is glorious. Just a few more weeks! Hang in there!


Googlover/keishua said...

I've been staying cool by drinking lots of water and dimming the blinds. It is getting cooler in the mornings and night, though.