Tuesday, April 19, 2011

C25k W2D2

Nothing like a post-run icing to make yah feel like a true runner! Ugh, my legs are tired, glad tomorrow is a rest day.
Today's run went kinda crappy. I got into a small squabble with my hubby, just before he went to work. Which put me in a bad mood for my run. I actually thought about not doing it at all. I thought about making some sugary crap food to eat and watching TV instead. But, I didn't. I made the decision to get on the treadmill anyway and do my run. It was hard. I didn't feel very happy running. My legs felt heavy, I actually thought I might even cry. But, I powered through, and NOW I feel a little better...still mad at hubby, but at least I don't have the guilt of not running. That would just make things worse.

Today I managed to get this:
Time: 31:10
Distance: 2.01 miles


Al's CL Reviews said...

Good job on still making the run!

Jessica said...

Good job getting in that run! I almost always feel better after a good run!