Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tuesday in Slo-Moe

It's a rainy gray Tuesday morn, and today my daughter has a doctors appointment. Just enough time to get my run on and get showered up to take her in. It's lightly raining out...misting really, and I thought about running outside anyway, but I decided against it. Running on the treadmill can get so boring luckily for me I had just freshened up my tunes so my music was fresh and lively. Wish I could have said the same for myself...lol. Today I felt heavy and a little sick to my stomach as I ran. Note to self: do not toss a hand full of peanuts in your mouth 10 minutes before you hop on the treadmill...barf! I never did barf but that feeling came and went the whole time I was running. I think I'm just short on sleep. I cut myself short on sleep all weekend long entertaining for our extended family, I think now it's finally catching up with me.

Todays training run:
Time: 00:31:10
Distance: 2.0 miles
Pace: 15:35

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Jessica said...

Good job getting your run in on such a blah day!