Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Discombobulated..... W5D1

That's how I would describe today's run...discombobulated. I got all ready for my run only to find that I left my Nike+ sensor in the car...the car my hubby took to work...uggghhh. I hate that. So, no nice Nike read out for me...and no pleasing graph at the end of my run either. Oh well, I was wasn't gonna let that stop me from getting my run in.
I hopped on the treadmill and got down to business. Today's big challenge was three big 5 minute runs. The last 5 was H A R D. I got tired after the first 2 minutes. But, I wasn't feeling very well either since I'm also trying to quit Diet can check out my other blog for the gory details about all that. Nonetheless, I got through that last 5 minutes without walking. Once done I turned the treadmill off and started stretching. I was thinking about adding the info to the computer and what information I'd need and that's when I remember....I never looked at the miles once I got done...I had been trying so hard not to stare at the numbers that I've completely gotten myself to ignore them, which is fine when I have NIKE+ to tell me my distance...Crap! So with the info I did have total time and speeds, I calculated the estimate of how far I went and learned an important lesson don't leave the Nike+ sensor in the car!!

The approximate details of my run ;o)

Distance: 1.90 Miles
Pace: 16:18
Time: 31 minutes

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