Friday, March 19, 2010

W5D3 - Finally! I know, that took awhile.

So yeah, It's been awhile. I'm not gonna lie...the 20 minute straight run scared the pee outta me. I really was pretty sure I wouldn't make it through, I know I'm not ready. Well, anyway, The first 11 minutes went by well enough, I started to get winded and sore but then I found my groove. But, as minute 12 approached, my calves started burning. Once they started screaming at me I new my run was limited and by minute 13 I had to I slowed down to a power walk which I really think actually made it worse so I picked up my run pace again...which immediately made my calves start screaming again. Yes, that last 7 minutes was a hellish exercise in futility. Running, power walking, running again, awe hell I can't, walk again until finally the cool down. I know that W6D1 is 10 minute runs with breaks. So I am going to advance myself to week 6 but I'm going to stay on Day 1 or Day 2 until I fell like I can really run that much coz W6D3 is a 25 minute straight run and I don't want it to turn out like this run.

The Details:
Distance: 2.07 miles
Time: 30:53
Pace: 14:55

I'll be participating in the 2010 Grand Rapids Kidney Walk on May 2, 2010. The Kidney Walk is a non-competitive walk event with a route that is about 2 miles in length over generally level terrain. If you like to support me in this event you can visit my page and make a donation online. Any help is greatly appreciated!! :o) BTW: it's a S L O W loading page.

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Al's CL Reviews said...

Don't hurt yourself just to get through. I think moving on to another set of intervals is a good idea (because I'm all-knowing...snort).

If I had a job I would support you.