Friday, March 12, 2010

W5D2 - The run that almost wasn't...

I made my mind up not to run tonight...but then I did anyway. I wasn't feeling the best. My kidneys are feeling sore...or at least the kidney area is sore on both sides. Not so sore that I'm in pain just tender enough that I notice and am concerned about it. I'm gonna wait it out through the weekend and if I still don't feel better than I'll see about getting into the doctor. Because of that, I thought...well I'm not gonna run tonight. But as the night wore on, hubby left for a friends house and that left me in the house with the treadmill and nothing to do. So I got on it and completed W5D2. My kidneys didn't seem to effect my running much so I figured it wasn't too bad on them. The first 8 minute run flew the time I looked at the itouch it said 30sec left. AWESOME!! That was very encouraging. The second 8 minutes was more difficult and seemed to drag on I was keenly aware of the burning in my calf muscles. I slowed the run down some to be sure I could finish without walking and I'm please to say I made it through! Hooray! I'm a little spooked by W5D3...I looked ahead and saw my first straight run of 20 minutes. I hope I'm ready! I have a lot of faith in the C25K program and each week the runs are hard toward the end...but I'm able to get through it. I'm pretty sure W5D3 will be no different.

Today's Run Details:

Distance: 2.08 Miles
Time: 31:57
Pace: 15:20

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