Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Dosha Quiz time... Lots of links 2 share.

Ahhh, the internet... no matter what you wanna know about yourself, there is an internet quiz to take that will tell you all you need to know! lol. It's a particularly slow night at work tonight so I decided to take some online quizes and figure out what my Dosha is.
If you have no idea what a Dosha is a quick Wiki link will fill you in.
Well I took 2 different quizzes on line and the verdict is the same... I'm a Pitta Person.

I have to admit I see my Pitta-tude in alot of the questions... in fact when I'm "in a mood" my hubby has referred to me as Spicy...lol.
So below you'll find links to the quizzes I took...had to take 2 just to be sure...lol

http://www.ayurveda7.com/dosha-quiz.htm On that one I got a Vata: 9 Pitta: 28 and Kapha: 12

in the second quiz my numbers looked like this:

My overall Dosha is Pitta

In my body:
Vata 2
Pitta 6
Kapha 4

In My Mind:
Vata 3
Pitta 9
Kapha 0

The link to that quiz is here: http://www.whatsyourdosha.com/quiz/
though I must say, after reading all the descriptions...I think I have a good bit of Kapha in me too. This web site has a nice description of each.

Your turn...What Dosha are you?

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