Sunday, July 18, 2010

The runner and the pea stone

This morning I decided to run outside, for was finally not a bazillion degrees out! and for two, I need to get used to running outside again. So off I went looking at the sky, looked a bit dark and ominous... it was threatening to rain me out. But, I took off anyway.
For the first half mile I was feeling kinda woozy...ughhhh, barf.
No, I didn't barf, but the forward motion of my running was affecting me this morning and not in a stomach friendly way. I kept going and after about the first half mile I was feeling great. I trotted along, impressed by my stamina, one mile problem. Passed a jogger who was heading the other way, gave a big smile and a little wave then continued on my merry way. Another half mile done...this was easy. Then came the HILLS.
At pretty much the start of mile 2 and stretching for the next mile is a VERY HILLY road. I started the first incline...very small probably 2% but I could feel it, "keep going, keep going, just to the mailbox, I can make it that far, I'm getting there, I have more, just a little more, to the fire hydrant, I can do it's down hill, I can run it..." I kept going. When I got to the bottom of that hill I could feel my legs growing weaker. Ugh, and I had a stone in my shoe too,crap. I couldn't stop to mess with that, so I slowed down and tried to tap my toe on the cement, trying to send the rock into the toe of my shoe. Sort of reminds me of the story the princess and the runner and the pea stone...a cautionary I struggled along. Part way into my journey up the hill a car pulled out...I had to stop.
My legs were screaming at me, so I walked at a quick pace up the hill to the top. It was downhill now so I figured, I had to run again and I picked up the pace. That section is a VERY gradual down hill slope which ends in a curve. I jogged down the hill and thought, "I'll go to the curve the I can walk for a bit", no such luck. At the bottom of the curve there is a house, and in the driveway stood a guy watching his dog wander around the front yard, I assumed he was bored to tears waiting for the dog to pee. He heard me coming and looked up. "Well, jeez, I can't stop and walk now", I thought, so I kept on running. Down, down, down the road til it curved again and I was safely out of isn't it funny the mind games we play with ourselves. Once I was out of sight, I slowed to a walk to catch my breath and cursed the pea stone in my shoe. I got to the stop sign and realized I was almost done...less the half a mile left, yeay.
Then I looked at the hill ahead of me. It is definitely the steepest hill in our area. It's not very long at all, so I started up it...nope, not happening, my legs were mush, so I walked, staring at the ground concentrating, step one, step two... finally to the top...the end of my run was a nice gradual slope down to my house. That part was nice, I even mustered up enough energy to run up my driveway...which is another somewhat steep, very short I'm very glad that I ran outside today! It was a great day for it! Even though I had to run over half of it with a pesky stone in my

Official Stats:
Distance: 3.12 miles
Time: 44:23
Pace: 14'13"

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