Friday, July 16, 2010

I'm gonna WHAT now??

The Challenge has been made. I have no choice I must do this....

After much talk of health, and losing weight and not dieing...hubby has agreed to do a 5K. He is a struggling compulsive eater who has been in OA (overeaters anonymous) for about 3 weeks. He threw down the gauntlet and announced that he'd found a 5K that he wanted to do...on one condition. I do it with him....but not the 5K see this is a 10 mile & 5K road race...linky here he wants me to do the 10mile run while he does the 5 K that way we are both nervous and uncertain if we can complete it. I think that running a 5K could be a wonderful experience for I pretty much HAVE to run this 10 mile race. This, from the girl who ran for 3 miles along the board walk while in Virginia Beach and nearly puked. Nearly puked over 3 am I ever gonna do 10 miles? Oh but that's not even the best part...the best part is...there is a cut off time! Yes, in order for my time to count I MUST finish in under 2 hours. That means less than a 12 minute mile...I'm currently doing about a 14 minute mile. I sure do have my work cut out for me. Although so does hubby...he weighs around 400lbs...he's 6'4" so he carries it pretty well...but that's still a lot of weight to move around for 3.1 miles.
So that is the current plan. September 19th, 2010, I should be running 10 miles. Should be interesting!!


Anonymous Fat Girl said...

Congratulations for committing to do this! Keep us updated, okay? :)

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