Sunday, July 11, 2010

I'm back!! and ready to Rock!!

First a few Vacation Pics....

Nothing says HEAVEN like sandy toes!

Virginia Beach at Dusk

I'll post more as I go through them...I still haven't done that!!
Vacay was just the thing to jump-start my zeal for life. Being in Virginia Beach helped me unwind and forget all life's craptastic glory. I feel renewed, rejuvenated and down right giddy. I'm already excitedly planning to go there again next year...and on the agenda for next year...being fitter!! I've pretty much decided...I'm a beach bum. I want to try everything... surfing, parasailing, kiteboarding you name it...I wanna try it.

H3LL- ASS- YeS!!
I should be doing those things....RIGHT NOW. I need to do those things. That however is going to require...some athletic core strength. Probably some endurance too. Thankfully running will give me those things..yep, between, yoga, my stability ball and my treadmill, I should have all I need to get in shape for my next vacay. Incidentally...I was so active on this vacation that I actually lost 2 lbs!! 2bs in a week...that's freakin awesome! I was so stoked this morning I ran a little over a mile. 1.15 to be exact... ran as in just breaks just pumped out a mile. And I could have done more..but I was pressed for time. For good measure, though, I took a 2.5 mile walk this evening!! BooYah

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