Sunday, July 17, 2011

Air Quality Alert...should that discourage me?

I threw caution to the wind and went on my run anyway. My schedule called for 9 miles today.
It didn't happen.
I started out strong, packing water coz I'm smart like that. Yah well,I used up my water by mile 5 and ran to the local park to fill up at the drinking fountain. I ran the rest of my miles there so I could be close to the drinking fountain and bathrooms. It was so hot. If it keeps being this humid I'm going to have to grow gills. It was 83 degrees at 7:30Am. What The Hell!!! The park was pretty empty... all the sane people were at home in their beds still sleeping. It was just me and this old guy for the longest time. We were running in opposite directions so we only passed twice each mile. So I ended up keeping an eye on him it really wasn't a good idea for someone his age to be out on such a humid day. But he was there, chugging along, just like me. His pace was a litter slower than mine. Heck my pace was a lot little slower than usual. I'm guessing he did about 2 miles. When he was done he stopped to stretch, he was covered in sweat and looked pretty beat. I gave him the thumbs up as I went by, he smiled and nodded. That left me two more miles. I tried to pick up the pace a bit, to just get them done. Nope, not happening. My legs were starting to cramp. My shoulders grew tense, I was running outta steam fast. When I got close to mile 8 I knew I didn't have another mile in me. Especially since I knew I still had a 1.5 mile long walk home...straight uphill the whole way. I pushed through to mile 8 and sat down on a bench. I thought I'd call hubby and have him pick my sorry buns up there at the park and take me home. His phone was off. DAMN! The walk home was the worst. Lumbering like Frankenstein up the hill, step by delirious step. It seemed to take forever. Once I got home and got in an ice cold shower I felt so much better.
Good enough to check the nets and tally all my stats online. The weather station said we were under a Air Quality Alert. That probably has a lot to do with why I got tired so fast, and why this run seemed harder that the 10 mile run I did a week or so ago.
On to the running sites...

I have 3 main sites that I hang out on. - coz I use the GPS and my phone to track my runs (although the site itself is kinda boring.)
DailyMile - think myspace/fackbook for runners (love that site!)
SmashRun - Coz you get to earn badges!

Here are a few screen shots from SmashRun so you can get a feel for the site.

You can use it with Nike+ or just manually enter the miles. I've done both. One nice thing is it tells you home much juice you have left in your Nike+ sensor thing. So you can replace it before it runs out.

If you don't have a site to track miles at yet... I encourage you to check those out. SmashRun is by invitation only but, I'm inviting you so you're all set!
Your invited to SmashRun join here

My Air Quailty Alert Run:
Distance: 8.14 miles
Time: 1:59:46
Pace: 14:42

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Al's CL Reviews said...

I ran in a Code Orange...once.
Thought I was going to die. So I hear ya.