Friday, July 1, 2011

Starting July out right.

Today I figured I'd start the month out with a nice run. I decided I'd get a four miler in. The weather was not ideal for running. It was really humid and it really looked like it could rain at any minute. I spend moments like these in my house pacing from the laptop to the patio door. Looking, timing, assessing. Do I risk it? Is it just rain or is there thunder and lightning? I heard thunder in the distance. and it was sort of raining...big fat drops here and there. I checked the radar...most of the weather was North and East of us.
I decided to go.

It was warm 71 degrees, and humid 87%. But, I was feeling good. I set out and kept a pretty nice pace, for me anyway.

Even kept pace over some pretty big hills...

It rained a little during my run, not enough to really cool me off though. So I got my four miles in and ran home. About 20 minutes later it really started to pour. So, I'm glad I got my run in when I did.

How about you, Do you run in the rain?

Half Training Run:
Time: 53:35
Distance: 4.32
Pace: 12:24

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Running fool said...

I absolutely love running in the rain! The harder the downpour the better :) I will throw on my shoes and do a few superfluous miles if I see rain coming our way! I was also out Friday when it let loose.

You should give it a try, at least once in a soaker. It's very peaceful and therapeutic.