Monday, July 4, 2011

Sunday Morning Long Run

Another snapshot from the White Pines Trail. This little gazebo is just after mile 3 on my run.

This run was not the most enjoyable. Not because of my body, but because of Deer Flies.

While female deer flies feed on blood, males instead collect pollen. When feeding, females use knife-like mandibles and maxillae to make a cross-shaped incision and then lap up the blood. Their bite can be extremely painful, and allergic reaction from the saliva of the fly can result in further discomfort and health concerns. Pain and itch are the most common symptoms, but more significant allergic reactions can develop.

ugh, and they sure were bitey today. Not only that, but they chase you. Once they find you they keep right with you for a long time. From mile 2 to mile 3 I got bit so many times. Then once I was out of the trees and into the open sun, they were gone. Until of course I had to turn around and head back. They weren't AS bad on the way back. They must have still been full from the first time I came through.

Despite the annoyances, I still got my run in. I went further today than I ever have. 10 miles. When I got home and posted on facebook about my hatred of deer flies, my SIL suggested tieing a dryer sheet to my ponytail holder. She said that she has used dryer sheets before to keep away mosquitoes. Deer flies seem to be more aggressive than mosquitoes so I don't know how it would do against them. Guess we'll find out next Sunday.

How do you keep the bugs away on your runs?

Today's buggy Half Training:
Time: 2:18:07
Distance: 10.01
Pace: 13:49

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