Sunday, June 28, 2015

4.25 miles

Tonight we decided to go for a nice brisk walk on the trail.
We decided to take the trail south this time and travel along the river. It's quite a hilly terrain going that way, but great for getting a good workout!!
I've worked up quite a sweat!
One thing about being in a woodland area near a river in the evening....the mosquitoes are sure to be out in full force. And boy were they!!!
Despite all the swatting it was still a beautiful place to walk!
Although we had to alter our route on the way back for fear of being eaten alive!

All in all it was still a great workout and helped me get some good photos in for my #BREAKYOURSELFIE photo for today. We are nearing the end of this challenge already.
Only 7 days left! But don't worry 
 If you run out of time to get in on the  #BREAKYOURSELFIE challenge! Download the BurnThis app anyway there will be new challenges to take part in. 

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