Tuesday, June 16, 2015

White Pines Trail tonight - C25K W3D3

Tonight I did couch to 5K training. I didn't really feel like it...but I read this article:
http://womensrunning.competitor.com/2015/06/stephanie-bruce/one-runner-says-this-happens-in-the-first-7-minutes-of-a-run_41886 and thought, well all I have to do is get out and move for 7 minutes. Which turned out to be a lot more.

That's my halfway through selfie lol.
I actually did almost 4 miles tonight.

I'm gearing up for another 5k. This one is the Glow time 5k. It's Glow Time 5K
It sounds pretty cool!! So between now and August 22nd I gotta get some running in!!

My W3D3 run went like this...

Start Time: 7:03 PM
End Time: 7:56 PM
Time Taken: 54:15
Pace: 14:20

Distance: 3.78 Miles

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