Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Talk about a pain in the neck...

I finished week 3 but I didn't make it to week 4. I injured my shoulder and took last week off. I woke up last Tuesday morning in such misery. Only to find out that I had pulled a muscle in my shoulder. The one that runs from the back of your neck out the the top of the shoulder. It must have been a combination of the cleaning I did (rearranging furniture and such) and just sleeping wrong. Whatever it was...it hurt!!! So I spent the week taking muscle relaxers and sleeping...alot....lots of sleep...HARD sleep...lol. Today, my shoulder is still a bit tender but I still plan on running, and since I've missed a week I plan to do week 3 over again.


My Do-Over Week 3 day 1 run went like this...

Start Time: 7:51 PM
End Time: 8:20PM
Time Taken: 28:24
Pace: 16:32

Average Speed: 3.63 MPH
Distance: 1.71 Miles

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