Sunday, February 7, 2010

W3D3 and a new toy!

Today's run was all messed up...but A W E S O M E.
Hubby got me an iPod touch and the C25K app to put on it. How sweet is he?

Then my challenge was to figure out how to run the Nike+ and the C25K app and have music all at the same time. It was a little confusing at first but eventually I got it going. Then I was walking, what I didn't know was it included a 5 minute stretch time before the 5 minute warm-up walk so I walked for 5 minutes and then it said beginning I actually walked for 10 minutes to warm I gotta say though, man I don't know how I ever did the C25K without this app. all that adding 90secs and 3 minutes. Now all I do is listen and it tells me, "run now" ... "walk now". It's SOooooooo way better!!!! and my oldest son gets my old Ipod nano so he's happy

Awesome app. Awesome ipod, Awesome

My goofy W3D3 run went like this...

Start Time: 7:27 PM
End Time: 8:00PM
Time Taken: 28:00
Pace: 14:37

Average Speed: 4.10 MPH
Distance: 1.92 Miles


Al's CL Reviews said...

I'm laughing, because I used to have a piece of paper to tell me the times of when to walk/run.

Kat said...

lol...I did the piece of paper thing for awhile