Friday, February 26, 2010

Week 3 Day 3 - Finally, the curse has been broken

Sheeeewwwww.....There it's done. I have completed week 3.
I took a long time to get through it I know. I just couldn't work overtime and run at the same time so I had to back off the running until I got back to my normal schedule. I was a little scared to go ahead and do day 3 after my extended break from running but I was able to pull through alright.


I'm back....I just tried to calibrate my Nike+ did the walk portion just fine.
3.1MPH for 1 mile no problem. On to the run, I can't run 1 mile straight way. So, I set it for 0.25 and ran that at 4.3MPH. After I was done I clicked said it was to short to calibrate.....WTF??? Are you kidding me. I just barely got that out too. UGH, it's default is a 12 minute mile....I'm doing about a 14 minute mile....If I could do a mile. So all my runs are going to be off until either I can speed up....or I can build up enough stamina to go 0.50 miles straight...then I'll try it again.


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