Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Yoga Newbie... Yewbie

Booooooo....ok that was
I'm new to yoga though, pretty much brand new. I don't know any of the words, and only a few of the poses. I've heard of downward dog, and the cobra pose. That is about the extent of my knowledge. But, I'm excited to learn. My body is very rigid and pretty much void of any flexibility. Hopefully in the next 21 days I can change that.

Today's yoga consisted of the classic sun salutation and then a nice shavasana. That shavasana or corpse pose is relaxing but, I find that my mind wants to wander around and it's hard to keep my focus on relaxing my body and my breathing. I'm sure this will come in time. Relaxing is actually very hard for me but the thing I think I'm going to find PRICELESS about yoga is it gives me permission to unwind, relax and really stretch out my body. Almost every other activity I do leaves me tense and tight. I think this is why so many people love Yoga.

I wanna get the lingo down too so over the next 21 days I'm going to learn one word a day. I'll post it here if you wanna learn with me.

Today's Secret word is asanas, special props to anyone who got the secret word reference...loved PeeWee's Playhouse back in the

Anywho, asanas = yoga postures. I did several asanas today.

Feeling a bit inspired....and a poem emerges.

deep, calming, quiet.
Restless thoughts
fluttering about the mind
are dismissed.
In silence
they are irrelevant
Peace descends
as a warm blanket
gently cuddling the soul
swaddling and healing it
as the moments pass.
Soon the soul will emerge,
ready for the day.

With letters,work, and this blog...I think I still might be shy of 800. Oh well, tomorrow is another day!
Tomorrow's plan is to run with forgiveness... allowing my body to dictate how far and how fast I go, do some yoga, eat well, and be kind to myself. (343)

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Eco Yogini said...

welcome to yoga!! Yay!! I always get the words mixed up, thankfully the teachers usually pair them with the english versions :)

Yoga has definitely helped with my need to CONTROL and with accepting my self and body while still striving to be healthy and strong.

I hope it does the same for you :)

Thanks for visiting my blog!! Keep us posted on the Yoga Journey!