Tuesday, June 21, 2011

4 day weekend re-cap...

Yeah, I was gone for a bit. I had four long luxurious days off from work! I got my runs in as planned all week. I even did a 3 miler on Thursday that was run at a 12min/mile pace.
Before I knew it Sunday was upon me, time for another long run. I chose the White Pines Trail again. The plan 4 miles up 4 miles back for a nice even 8. and if I felt I could, I'd push it to 4.5 and get a 9-er in.

Since my 3 mile runs are now poppin' up to a 12 min/mile pace I knew I'd have to start holding back on my long runs. The first mile was kinda crazy as I found my groove...10 min/mile, slow down 15:30...oops speed up. I finally settled in at 13:50 to 14:00min/mile...good enough. I ran...and ran....and ran. I felt light and full of energy.I went over the overpass again...and kept going.

Each time I do a long run I get a little further down the trail and see something new. Sunday it was this.

So far this trail takes me over a river, over a highway, and under a road. Never a dull moment. On the way back I actually lost track of the miles... I lost a whole mile deep in thought...forgot I was even running..lol. When I got back to the car I checked runkeeper 9.03miles...FREAKIN AWESOME!! That's 2 hours of straight running Uh-mazing.
I spent the rest of the day chillin' at the beach and swimming.

Sunday Long Run:
Time: 02:05:56
Distance: 9.03 miles
Pace: 13:58

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WannabeRunner said...

That's so awesome, way to go!!! Keep up the great work. :)