Sunday, June 5, 2011

Lovely Long Run

When a day starts out like this, you know your in for something special.

Look how the clouds seem to just glow, truly beautiful...


last night I found this website called it shows you songs based on your running pace. It's a handy little web site. I organized a playlist based on my pace as suggested by the website and had it already for my morning run. This morning I had my long run and it seems to me that the only logical play to do this run is on The White Pines Trail. It's 92 miles long. Just bikers and runners, no cars to watch for, the perfect place. The plan for today was up the trail 2.5mi and then back down to the car, 5 miles for the day. It was a nice morning about 70 degrees and very low humidity so I was comfortable running. My new place list was great, nice and steady. I ran and enjoyed the flowers and the trees. I saw two bunnies and a cardinal, you can tell these are city animals, they let you get very close before the shuffle off to safety. When I got to 2.5miles (my turn around point)I could see just ahead something that looked vaguely like...a covered bridge? It couldn't be more than a mile away, I thought. I have to see what it is. So I decide to keep running and check it out. When I got up there, this is what I found...

Not quite the "covered bridge" I was hoping But, an interesting view nonetheless...

I looked down at runkeeper 3.06 miles, looks like I'm doing 6 today instead. So I ran the 3 miles back, those 3 miles went so fast! I ran faster and faster since every mile brought me close to the car and air conditioning! lol. I made it back to the car and I was beaming! Not only had I run a FREAKIN' 6+ miles but I did it a few seconds faster than my normal pace!! I'm really starting to feel like I can do this!!

Today's Trail Run:
Time: 1:27:27
Distance: 6.26 miles
Pace: 13:58


Courtney said...

Hi Kat,
Just came across your blog on a feed on the Charlevoix Marathon site. Long story short, I am from Michigan, live in England, and am coming home to run my first half marathon in Charlevoix on the 25th. LOVE your pictures of Michigan (makes me homesick), and your running/food experiences sound like where I am at right now. Great blog! Looking forward to reading more!

Travis said...

Thanks for the tip about; had never heard about it but I'll check it out.