Monday, June 16, 2008

Goin' Outside

That actually felt pretty good...
I ran outside for the first time today. I figured since I'd been bummed out about my weight and my running a change of pace and scenery might do me some good. It was a nice day for a run too... 61 degrees, Mostly sunny, winds out of the WNW sustained at 7MPH with gusts up to 29MPH.
Starting out I was running straight into the wind and the gusts were strong enough at times to almost stop me dead in my tracks. But on the way back of course the wind was at my back pushing me along which really made me feel great. I think the run outside was a nice break for me. I had been fearing it for a while now, just because I've spent all this time training indoors on my treadmill. All in all for my first time out in the world I'd say I did pretty well.

8 minute warm-up to get out in the open.
38:30 run at 4.92 MPH for 3.16 Miles
8 minutes cool down walk back to the house.
Pace: 12:11

I'm considering this Week 9 Day 2

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