Thursday, June 5, 2008

Week 8 ..... Day 4?

Yeah Day don't wanna move to week nine in the middle of a week like this, and I don't wanna commit to run 3.0 miles every time just yet either. I did however run the 3 miles today, just to see if I'd survive and I did! YEA! lol.. I'm pretty please with that. Now I know that I can in fact finish the 5K. So that's got me pretty stoked! I also figured kicking it up a notch and doing the 3 miles vs. the 2.75 would help burn a few more calories so that maybe...just maybe, I can lose some weight for the Independence Weight Loss Challenge I'm taking part in.(see bottom of page) The timing of that challenge is just fabulous since my first 5K is Saturday July 05, 2008. Hopefully I'll drop a few pounds and be looking nice and svelte for the race.

Here's the nitty gritty on today's run...
5 minute warm-up at 3.3 MPH for 0.27 Miles
36:45 run at 4.9 MPH for 3.0 Miles
5 minutes cool down 3.0 MPH for 0.25 Miles
Pace: 12:15

I feel pretty good about that!

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