Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Midsummer Morning's Run...

Today I met up with my sis-in-law Melinda to go for a rigorous morning run. There is a great major trail that runs near where we live so we picked a spot between my house and hers and met there. We started off with a few pictures to commemorate our little training session as we prepare for our upcoming races. After a few cute/silly photos, we were off. We ran and ran.

A bird chirped angrily as we passed it.

We got passed by trail patrol...Trail Patrol? I've never seen them before...what an awesome job, I would love a job like that! ...Ahhh sorry I digress.... anywho, we kept running and conversing about this-n-that.

We were passed by a few bikers and by a few hunky runners coming from the other direction (suck in your guts Nothing makes you run with better form then running past someone...especially hunky

We got overtaken by an older runner who came upon us and then zipped on by.... good for him!!

I saw a few snails on the trail... no they weren't passing

Along the way we even saw a snake. He looked something like this guy:

I almost stepped on him as I was running. Good thing at that moment I happened to be looking at the ground and could avoid him... and squeal...and jump 2 feet in the

Nothing like a good scream to spice up a run. We finally did complete our run after an hour and fifteen minutes. Not too shabby a time really. That's my longest run so far... 5.5 miles.

As i sit here scratching my deerfly bites I can now say that I've proudly broken another P.R. this time for distance!

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