Friday, May 13, 2011

Bad Luck Friday...

Friday the 13th
I should have know by the day that this run would be cursed. All I wanted was to run my 20 minutes and be done...that's all. So I start to get ready, and can't find a hair tie...after about 10 minutes of searching I find one...good. I get the treadmill ready and get a bottle of water. Then I gather my tunes...I usually run with my Droid. Except for today that is..the battery was almost dead. So I put it charging and go get my old Ipod...dead too. UGH, the first time running 20 minutes straight and I have to do it with no all......NOOOOOOOOOOO.
So I get on the treadmill and start walking to warm up, wondering how I will survive without my music. For me this is a nightmare, like sitting in a doc's waiting room listening to the clock tick as you wait and wait...time creeps by so slowly.
Tic, tock, tic, tock. Only 10 minutes in and I feel like I'm already going crazy. that's when I start the self help talk. "This is making you stronger" ...."This is preparing you for the mental struggle of a half marathon" .... "Think of how strong you'll feel once you complete this run" So much inner whinnyness, so much mental self talk. But 30 minutes later week 5 day 3 of the C25K was done. I ran for 20 minutes straight....with no music! Just me...I did that!

The Cursed run results:
Time: 29:19
Distance: 2.0 miles
Pace: 14:39

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