Friday, May 27, 2011

X-train Today with Jillian

Yoga Melt Down I should have known that with Jillian Michaels the word, "yoga" is actually code for, "slow a$$ kicking". Wow, that was hard. It's not traditional yoga either, it was more of a yoga meets sculpting exercise workout. This was fine by me, but some true yogis might HATE it. The reps of each pose kinda remove the transcendental nature of the yoga practice. But, for a core routine, it's pretty kick a$$. The poses were core intensive and a few of them I had to cut short since I'm really pretty new to yoga. I'm loving the Dolphin pose, it feels like it'll be a nice core toner.
I did level 1 today. There is actually a level two as well...I won't be getting to that one for awhile. Overall, I liked it and will continue to use it although, it's a bit wrist intensive for me, (I have wimpy wrists) so I will have to be careful about that. But, I got a nice x-training core workout today! Hope you all have a pleasant day.
Later Babes!!

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