Thursday, May 26, 2011

Rainy Day Zen

Another gloomy and grey day in Michigan.

It was rainy and 51 degrees. I deliberated for a long time, run inside on the treadmill or outside in the cold misty rain. Eventually, I decided to brave it outside. Running on the treadmill just isn't my idea of fun. So out I went into the grey gloomy world.

Guess what?
It was my best run yet. I'm freakin AMAZED. This should be W8D1 of the C25k but who needs that anymore!! I ran, straight up RAN, 4.66 miles today in my bleak, cold grey world. I freakin' rocked it. ANNNNND...the only reason I stopped was my battery was dieing on my phone and it started pouring. Here I am drenched and happy!!

I found it today, my pace, my stride, my running zen. I was there. Free. blissful. Half the time I even had a goofy grin on my face coz it just felt so good to be able to run. I can't even believe it, and I just did it!! Awesome. I'm sooooo happy!!

Week 8 Day 1 of the C25K...or run:

Time: 01:04:54 (that's right I ran for over and hour straight)
Distance: 4.66 miles
Pace: 13:55 (my fastest pace yet for the C25K program)


Running fool said...

Stumbled onto your blog :) Great job on your run!! That's awesome.

Running in the rain is actually my favorite. Its very soothing and peaceful.

Al's CL Reviews said...